About Us

Geekz Merch was formed by a family with a passion to inspire and bring forth a presence of great quality feel good products that are unique and rare to find. This company was birthed on a belief that "you really are what you think about"! So what better way to inspire our fellow man and woman then by offering them products that make them laught,be inspired, motivate and believe. Those very qualities with a fell good attitude will usually render a result that every human wants to experience in there lifetime. A great life!

Here at Geekz Merch we also offer a custom screen print service and dye sublimation service for our customers, businesses, schools and etc. We strive to give our customers the best service possible and always offer very high quality shirts, prints, mugs, hats, phone cases and etc.... Some of our recent clients are Rose Wood Care Center, politicians running for office, hospitals, lawyers offices, up and coming artist and etc... When you buy from us you will receive great customer service and a great product each and every time with fast turnaround time and excellent pricing!!!